Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Up in arms...

Now… I don’t know much about current events….as a matter of fact my mother once said “Calia! You know nearly nothing!” Thanks Mom! I know. Anyway…so I was reading the Bill of Rights the other day (it was on the table at the allergist’s office) and there was this rambling about a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State thus giving people the right to keep and bear Arms. This shall not be infringed….blah blah blah…or something like that! (if you use the would 'shall', it always makes a sentence indisputable) Apparently these rights are being violated and Tennessee wants to help. What are all of these curfews and restraints on alcohol-serving restaurants? I mean…pooh pooh on that provision that doesn’t allow handguns in age-restricted restaurants? The only time I’ve ever needed a gun in a bar was after 11pm. As a matter of fact…my new purse has a special easy access gun pouch in it…ya know?…for those late nights when too many drunks get out of control and I climb up on the bar and shoot into the air and say “Now listen here! ...That guy is married…That girl’s a little trashy…Honey! That shirt doesn’t go with those pants…This music sucks!”… and then step down daintily and finish my red wine!