Thursday, May 7, 2009

Do single people eat at tables?

I was talking to a friend today who said that he never leaves the table until his plate is empty! What? Table? I mean....I have a table...with a nice candle on has chairs with it and everything! I don't think i've ever eaten at the table in my life. I remember making dinner and setting the table for my sister and her husband once but that must've been before I decided that there's really no need to have people over! Things end up out of place. Is it possible that people who are really good at being alone, get so good at it that they crave it? Should i be eating my protein bars for dinner at my laptop? Maybe i need to make more of attempt at being social? The problem is that i like things in order. I know this is an issue for many overachieving, obsessive compulsive neat freaks! My father used to stop by sometimes on the way to work and if he found no one there and my bed un-made, i would get call after call worrying that someone had kidnapped me. Come to think of it, if my bed was un-made, there are only two possibilities of what may have happened: either i was kidnapped or my sister had come in and un-made it as a joke as she blew by on the way to my closet! Either way...there was no way that i would be coming home and setting my things down until the bed was re-made and the glass that my sister must've left in the sink was washed! I love order! The funny thing is that though this may sound like a stressful lifestyle, i believe that i'm possibly the most stressfree person that i know. The more i do during a day, the longer the day becomes! The happier I am, the happier I get! The smile and wave that i give to the person who flips me off in the morning when i cut her off as I zip around in my little stressfree, perfectly clean car makes me giggle! I'm not sure that there is really anything anyone could do to set me off...oh...wait...I hope my sister isn't reading this...she may know a thing or two...but I'm not going to let that stress me out! :)