Sunday, May 31, 2009

Mean spirited?

So…I know I should’ve clicked off the site when I read the caption- “How do women over 30 who are single really feel?” It was like a train wreck…I looked into the light! Dumb Calia…Oh well. What’s done is done. A girl said “I’m 23 years old and I’m engaged. In fact, I’ve been engaged 3 times before. My question is…How do women who are going to be 30 and are still single, feel about the fact that all the good guys are already taken and you have another 40 years to look forward to nothing but owning cats?”… um…little girl?…I have to say that I hope the best for you and your many engagements! In fact… I’m not even going to giggle hysterically when I run into you in 10 years- divorced, fat, with 3 small children, pushing a shopping cart from the grocery store to your 2 bedroom apartment after turning in your pepsi cans for their deposit so you can buy your cigarettes and bologna because you forgot to go to college and got married to the highest bidder….I'm not even going to mention that possibly karma has come back to haunt you...’cause that’s the kind of girl I am! :)