Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dating after 30!

The thought came to me that people may be wondering "dating after 30? This girl can't even get out of the gym!" I even changed the title of my blog to many different things: "I'm gonna jump off a tall building", "I'm building an ark...and i'm not taking any dumb girls with me", "Stalker! I'm eating a grilled cheese sandwich" (my personal favorite), and even "Hey wait! Aren't you married?" The problem is that the more times I clicked submit, the more i realized that i am sort of dating...just not very well! Yes! I am in the dating world but I only get called off of the bench when the real deal is requested at the table. Until then, I am living life to the best of my ability and I have to embarrassingly admit that i'm so happy that i could burst!

I will definitely keep everyone posted if I do meet someone that i like...and then i'll write something about him...and he'll likely sell his house and move!...cause that's the way it works!