Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Teeth and an Education...

People always say that women who are single are that way because they are too picky. “If you want a family, you’d better lower your standards.” Thank you. That’s nice! So what you are saying (while you are in your comfortable home with your husband that you met when you were in college) is that once you’re a certain age, wanting to meet a guy with teeth and an education is asking too much? How about just one or two teeth? I watch guys settle all the time. I’ve been in many conversations with men who have gone out of their way to tell me that the girl they are seeing isn’t the one but unless something better comes along, they will probably end up marrying her. I throw my hand up in the air and yell “ooh ooh! Pick me! Pick me! I’ve so been looking for a guy who will tell everyone that I’ll do because nothing better is out there! WOW! That is the way to a girl’s heart!

Maybe it’s not about being too picky. Could it be that I’m simply not worried enough about it? My life is so stress-free that I can’t even understand why people get stressed in the first place. People flip me off on the highway and I smile and wave. Police pull me over for speeding and I say “oops…I’m sorry. I was doing the best I could.” Yesterday, during a rainstorm, I went to the store…all of these people were running through the parking lot so they wouldn’t get wet! … I walked slowly as the sheets of water poured over the glass-like, soaking river of a parking lot. Who cares? … So my hair didn’t look good. Whatever! I get it wet in the shower all the time. It wasn’t like I was wearing my wedding gown (cause I just cleaned my house in it last week and had to send it out to mend the sleeve). I suppose what I’m saying is that I don’t really have to lower my standards at all. There are things that attract me to a person and the superficial, outward qualities aren't the ones that matter the most. It is beyond my control. Whatever I want, or think I want in this area, is going to happen the way it’s supposed to happen whether I’m "weathered" and "stressed" or not. I choose fresh and happy! What are they going to do to me?