Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Train for a Triathlon

I have been going a little stir crazy lately. Don’t get me wrong…I have a couple great careers and all sorts of fun amazing things to do. I just don’t have any personal life and it still leaves a lot of extra time on the end of the day to go a little nuts! A friend of mine suggested that I train for a triathlon. I thought he was just being a wise-ass because I sort of hate swimming and biking, but when I reassessed his idea this morning, I decided that he was right! I pondered all of my options!...I could start a new trend...I could have a tri-laugh-a-thon...everyone could get together and tell random jokes and laugh until their abs hurt! (don't laugh...I've actually done that. I think some things are extremely hilarious!)...Then I remembered my deskercycle that I had invented many years ago so that I wouldn't sit idle while I was building websites. It worked. I would program while I was peddling. I think it could've been a big seller if people who actually could use some exercise didn't hate to exercise so much!...Ironic huh? (...I was recently told that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. If only that person knew how much I care!...oops...sorry...again...darn!) I finally came up with a plan to put into action! I’m going to produce an aerobic video. (okay…not exactly as grownup as a triathlon, but something fun, bouncy and physical.) I used to teach 4 hours of aerobics a day and I still workout all the time so I could rip up my body up in a few short weeks. Of course that would require me to stop eating cheese in bed at night…but I should probably stop that anyway. I have a feeling that that’s the reason I have mice (oh yeah...and that my pants are a little tight!)?…not sure…but at any rate- no more food in bed! I’m in training! I think that it’s possible that my favorite thing to do is workout! I love it. The high that it gives me is so amazing. I think that everyone who works out regularly feels this way. I'm really happy with my new goal!