Sunday, October 25, 2009

One in a Crowd of 400…

I hardly ever see attractive guys for some reason. It seems that there are very few of them over 30 anyway…now wait…guys!…before you go and get all upset and say that girls are all fat and unattractive…or…girls age faster than guys…or I wouldn’t date this girl if she were the last girl in the world…(a guy actually said that to his friends after he asked me out 4 times and I had repeatedly said “No. Thank you! I’m not interested!”…hmm…then why did you ask?…oh well!)…I know it goes both ways and that for some reason single people just don’t seem to meet the other complaining single people of the opposite sex! I am fully aware of this. All I’m saying is that I only see one or two guys that I would be attracted to a year. Wait…last week there was one…but he was 24 years old. Crap! That sort of stinks cause he was absolutely perfect for me other than his birthyear challenge…or mine…yeah…it was likely mine! For some reason I just can’t date that young. Right now we don’t look wrong for each other…but picture 35-46! Oh boy!…That would be extremely obvious at that point. You just can’t slow the aging process to that extreme! The funny thing is that guys do it all the time. It looks ridiculous then too but at least society doesn’t call them “cougars!”…they call him “lucky!”…too bad! I guess you can’t do anything about it though! Other than not care what society thinks. Of course…I sort of do- though I’m working on it!

So last night there was an attractive 30ish guy in the crowd of 400 people. I saw him the second he walked into the room. I didn’t have the nerve to just walk up to him for some reason but during a break, I met some new girls and we really hit it off. One of them was single like I am! She was awesome…though I was acting quite silly and probably didn’t listen very well since I was in “performance” mode and likely extremely obnoxious!…It’s a problem of mine! Oh well…at least I think I made a new friend! (In case you’re tallying up my single 30something female friends, that makes- 1!) I went back to sing but asked her to be my wingman with him. I thought that maybe she could talk to him for me and I could find someone she was interested in and talk to him for her. For some reason that is just way easier than actually doing it myself! She agreed! I saw him out of the corner of my eye nearly all night. He stood out from the crowd with his clothes and smile (apparently this is a selling point for me!…in case you hadn’t noticed!) By the end of the night, he had left. I asked the girl why she hadn’t talked to him and she said, “You may have to fight me for him! He looked like a hockey player!”…wait…I don’t fight for guys and I thought he looked like an academic, catholic, Italian businessman. If he was indeed a hockey player, I would’ve gladly handed him off to her!… I think she missed the point. He walked out the door and neither one of us had talked to him…so we’re both still without any prospect! Good thinking my new friend! We’ll have to practice this “wing-man” thing a little bit! If I see any “hockey player” looking types, I’ll be sure to introduce them to her next time! I’ll take the metro sexual looking businessman any day! I think I’m going to run into him again…and if I do, I’ll edit this blog cause guys seem to think it’s a tiny bit telling! Hee hee…As for the 24-year-old…I think I love him! Too bad my chalked license got confiscated the last time I tried to get into an over/under night at a night club!