Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Darn! Too Young Again…

I can’t believe this. There was a guy that I thought was well into his 30’s where I sang the other night. Next thing I knew, he had found me on facebook. When I looked at his info, it turned out that he was only 24 years old too. (I had recently run into another 24 year old guy that I found attractive though I was fully aware that he was way too young for me- no matter how perfect he seemed!) What is going on with these really young guys? I have to wonder if my perception of age is all off? The only thing about this guy is that my friends saw him and thought that he was at least 30 also. Part of me hoped that he was lying about his age…but that seemed silly. I did know a guy who did that once though. I’m not sure what was wrong with him…but he is the one who stole my garbage can and disappeared from the community all together so I suspect that there may have been more wrong with him than I am aware of. Let’s just say that I’m glad that my neighbor didn’t actually shoot him in my yard like he had threatened to. I wasn’t sure if he was serious or not but I decided to err on the side of no jail-time and not allow him back on my property again. It’s probably better that way…though no one ever saw him again that I know of…uh oh….oh well…The point was that he told me that he was 28 and he was really 39. That seems like a little bit of a stretch to me, but who am I to judge? I’m still telling people that I’m 57 so they compliment me on how young I look!

Anyway…the newest of my 24-year-old guys…he was so ‘pretty’ like I like them. We wrote back and forth for a few minutes on facebook but there were long periods of time when he wouldn’t respond and questions he didn’t respond to. We all know how much I love that! I have to say that bad communication is my absolute favorite thing! I just assumed that he was either on the phone or in 14 other instant message conversations on the site…like I was…I didn’t mean to be! That’s why I try to always appear offline. I can’t keep track of all the popping sounds… and I know that one day I’m going to reply to the wrong person:

Calia: (to new guy) Hi. It was nice to see you the other


Person 2: How are you?

Calia: Good. You?


Person 3: How are you?

Calia: I’m talking to this hot guy that I just met.

Hot new guy: What?

Calia: crap…I mean…crap…

I imagine that a 24 year old must be in much deeper conversations on instant messenger than I am as a 30something. His generation only communicates through instant message and text!... The point is that I have no idea what the rules even are when dealing with someone under 25!…unless they need me to make them lunch or correct their homework or something. I wonder what he wanted with me? I could hear the conversations with his buddies: “I met this older lady! I bet she could teach me something!”…or... “I’d like to show her something!” …OK…Now boys! I have no idea what you’re talking about…but you may have the wrong older lady here. Something tells me that you would get a lot further with a 21 year old girl than you could ever get with me. I’d walk out the door while you were “googling” the meaning of the play on words I just used to fend off your ridiculous pickup line about what my pants would look like on your floor…Oh well…I guess I could be wrong. He may not have thought that I was quite as old as I am. I suppose I do look a little younger…or at least act it…until someone backs me into a corner (giggle). Still…I’m a little disappointed that 20something guys look 30 and 30something guys look 50! I know that if a guy hasn’t already been married with children, he looks much younger…but if he has, he looks like he has adult responsibilities! I suppose there are exceptions to the rule as I’m sure that men say the same thing about women…but all in all…I’m pretty screwed! I either meet attractive guys who’ll call me m’am…or old guys who’ll ask me to hang out with their teenagers! I suppose I have to keep my hopes up that there’s got to be one 30something, pretty guy, who is still hoping to meet someone great who hasn’t already false-started his future...as for the 24 year olds…I think they need “starter girl-friends” before they attempt keeping up with me!