Monday, October 19, 2009

Baby on Board

I have often seen cars with a sign in the window that says “Baby on Board.”…Well…I had always been under the impression that they were letting people know that they had a child so people would drive more safely while they were near them. Apparently I’ve always had this wrong. I have recently had the opportunity to drive my car with my sister and her baby in the back seat. The first hour or so of the song, “Hello! He-llo! We wave Hello!…and then we wave hello! Goodbye! –Good-bye! We wave Goodbye…and then we wave Goodbye”, was really cute…then something in me broke. I said, “I’m sorry. You need to stop singing that song now or else I’m going to pull over at a rest area and the baby will be learning, “Aunt Calia is near…Aunt Calia is far!” The song stopped and we went on to counting how many fingers and toes we have!…There are 10! There are almost always 10 (of course I’m not ruling anything out since my first child that I have when I’m 57 may have 14 and 6…but I’m just saying…For God’s sake! There are 10!)…I have a feeling that the “Baby on Board” sign might be a warning to the drivers nearby that they might want to speed along and save themselves because the driver of the car with the child in it that has the child’s mother doing the Can-Can in the backseat to entertain said child, may be planning a quick escape from Sesame Street! Every mother should have a “Baby on Board” sign for her car. It should be right next the sign that says, “Warning. I’m talking on my cell phone and putting on my lipstick in the rear view mirror!”

Don’t get me wrong…I love children and plan on having my own one-day. But until that happens, only seeing the frantic, desperate side of parenting without having that bond that only parents share with their children can leave a girl feeling like her brain has gotten tied up and left on a table as a paper weight. There is no question that my sisters all love their children! They are good mothers! I just hope that I will have children someday so I can go home for the holidays and have something to talk about with them again!