Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Occupational Hazard

There was a lady on the news yesterday who has started a class action suit against Las Vegas casinos because she has developed asthma from second hand smoke that she inhaled while she worked there as a bartender…um…OK…I have one! I’m going to start a class action suit again IBM because I am getting carpal tunnel from typing ridiculous blog entries day after day! Oh wait! I can’t…cause it’s my choice to type with my wrists in a bad position as I ramble on and on about things that no one cares about!…

Don’t get me wrong…I hear what the lady is saying. I am completely against smoking and smokers breathing their carcinogens in my face. I even invented a “smokers hat” that looked sort of like a space suit so that smokers could wear a glass fish bowl on their head so they could smoke the same cigarette all day without anyone else breathing it. It didn’t really take off because Big Tobacco figured out that it would cut down how many cigarettes smokers would need in any given day. That,…and the fact that my test subjects kept running into things while they were driving cause it clearly had a design flaw in the sightline area. Anyway…Personally, I would never sue a restaurant where people smoked because I was looking for someone to blame for me having to breathe smoke. I just don’t go into those places. In fact, I chose a career that wouldn’t force me to involve myself with people who smoked at all. That being said...It is interesting how much disregard for social etiquette smokers have though. I walked up to my Doctor’s office the other day and saw a bunch of health care workers smoking outside the back door of a Cardiologist’s office next to a sign that said, “No smoking within 25 feet of this sign.”…I just assumed that these women simply couldn’t read. The point is that people do things that they know better than to do. The trouble with human nature is that for some reason, knowing better doesn’t seem to stop us from doing dumb things. It’s like that glass window that my mother constantly runs into as she leaves stores. It’s almost as if she should look to see if there may be a door with a handle nearby instead of walking into it and making a spectacle. But…she would like to tell someone in charge that they should probably put a sticker on the clear glass instead and risks a black eye time after time. I’m not sure, but I think if we read back into the bible, it has something to do with Eve and that darn apple. Okay then. There’s our excuse. Eve ate the apple and now we’re all messed up. So who are we going to blame now? We can’t sue Eve right? She’s long dead!…the life expectancy back then was somewhere around 11 years old wasn’t it?…wait a minute…come to think of it, it’s a miracle we live as long as we do these days! With some of the dumb things that humans do anymore, we sort of have a bump on the head coming to us at the very least!

So what’s the occupational hazard as a single 30something?…oh boy!…there are so many!

We will be taken advantage of by people who are happily married and need us to watch their children.

We will date liars and cheaters…and then wonder why they lie and cheat.

We will be asked to stay late and arrive early at work…and we want to…but we will be annoyed when people with families don’t have to!

We will go where we want to go, when we want to go there!…then wonder how we got there…

We are all exactly where we have placed ourselves in life. What good does it do to complain about it or blame someone for it? If it really bothered us, I suppose we’d change something wouldn’t we?