Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excuse me. Do you touch animals?

Well…things are a little out of hand with my mother out of town. Apparently the cat needs people to touch it or else is runs away. I had to find someone who wasn’t grossed out by animals who would do it. I went with my friend to the house. I acted like we were just going there to feed the fish. I was very devious! I figured that there was no way he would go with me if he knew that I needed someone to touch a cat. We got there and I said, “Do you touch animals?”…He said that he did. We walked into the house and stepped over the cat puke on the living room floor. I pretended that I didn’t see it. I was already a little annoyed that the cat was in the house- let alone the cat throwing up in it too. We fed the fish. He took some pictures of me as I dug my hands into the bottom of the outside pond to remove the wet leaves. Wow! That was my favorite. There’s something about wet scummy leaves that warms my heart! I showed my friend the cat and asked him to hold it. (I thought that it was the least he could do since he had just stood there while I got grossed all out…and I should add that I was not dressed appropriately for pond scum digging…though I’m not sure what people wear for that but I’m quite certain I don’t have anything suitable.) He picked up the cat and it must’ve smelled his dog. It jumped out of his arms and ran away…for two days. Oh well…at least it gave me a couple days to clean the rug in the living room. I’m starting to think that leaving me on animal detail wasn’t the best choice. If someone wanted their computer network monitored while they went away, I’d do a better job. In fact, I could likely do that from my living room. The great thing about that is that computers don’t make me sneeze and wheeze.

I was thinking about this animal thing in reference to dating. It seems that everyone needs humans around them at some point. Possibly that’s why so many people settle for the wrong “one” while the right one isn’t anywhere to be found. My mother chose me to take care of her animals for lack of someone better for the job. The question is though, would the animals be alright if no one went to feed them for years and years?…possibly the stunt animal hater/feeder is better than nothing! Well…possibly in this case…but people? I still don’t quite think so…but they are trying to break me! Maybe eventually I will have to go out with someone who can’t stand me as much as I can’t stand to feed these animals!… It's a good thought...but...nah…I’m not ready to settle yet!