Friday, December 18, 2009

What are our priorities?

I was driving down a back road yesterday as my eyes were drawn to a massive satellite dish in the front yard of a shack. What the heck? I wondered what it was for. Could it have really been just for cable?…or was it bringing food and shelter to these backwards sticks dwellers? Clearly its “throw a coat of paint on the shack” function wasn’t working properly. I pictured who might have lived there. I imagined a mother, a father/brother, and a dog. There’s always a dog in houses with satellite dishes for some reason. I suppose it could be because the dog needs to be there to read the directions on the ramen noodles by the glow of the big game on the wide screen television for their owners? …oh well…I suppose I’ll never really know the answer to that age old question.

We all have our own priorities. I’m sure that these people with the satellite dishes probably don’t have recording studios or ask for midi cords or audio samples for their Birthdays. Maybe they are happier that way. It’s interesting to see how simple life can be if we allow it to be. Those people don’t put pressure on themselves to do what society thinks that they should do- like for instance…take their underwear off the clothes line that is draped from the house to the telephone pole above their pickup truck…

I think there’s a lesson to be learned from the satellite dish people and I’m definitely going to take this evening to learn it! – I’m going to figure out how to run a line off of their dish to an FM transmitter in order to stream their cable to my IP address on my computer…cause I like to keep life simple! Ah…I love life’s little lessons!


Steve said...

I love both this post, and your previous post, for two completely different reasons. This one did make me laugh, while the previous one was good advice that I'm going to try and take.

Calia said...

Thank you! I appreciate that you're reading them! My writing has been a tiny bit sporadic lately;) Things have been so hectic getting ready for the holidays that I'm barely proofreading them.
Have a happy day Steve! :)

Steve said...

Sometimes it can be a bit girl-centric for me, but it's still excellent writing Calia. Very enjoyable! Have a good week, and a very Merry Christmas...

Stood somewhere in England, slap bang in the middle of some railway tracks, looking at the oncoming train, and wondering how to get off - Yes, the 'Hiding Behind the Truth' post was a bit close to the knuckle for me...;) Keep up the good work.

Calia said...

:) The girl-centric stuff is mostly an act ya know?...If we can't laugh at some of the crazy things that people sometimes do to us, we'd wallow in self-pity! I'm sure I'm mostly to blame in all of these cases and each experience that I embrace and voice in writing because it's too juicy to let go, drags me to the next crazy experience!...BUT...sometimes I find it hilarious!

I've definitely stood on the tracks believing whole-heartedly that someone was not as bad as he was trying to make me believe...he was...silly me!...Oh well...I still don't believe that there are people in the world who don't have other's best interests in mind...stupid girl ;)

Merry Christmas!...and stay off those tracks! I will if you will!