Friday, December 11, 2009

Ah! Home, Crap, Home!

I opened my cupboard today looking for…well…nothing really…It was one of those grazing type moments. I walked by the cupboard on the way to the studio…um…let’s see, I know…I’ll open it and see if a leprechaun pops out and offers me a pot o’ gold…or a sandwich… Clearly I had no fixings for sandwiches. When people come over, usually all they can find to eat is eggs and chicken. No bread, no chips, …virtually nothing that anybody wants!…Come to think of it, if I didn’t know that the reason that I keep it out of the house was because I would eat it all myself, I would think that I kept the cupboards bare so no one ever comes over and moves my things out of place! It’s not true though. Although I should likely think about the possible connection! The only time anyone ever comes over is when they need their computer fixed or a bluetooth paired. Hmm…Oh well! I always just thought it was me. Possibly it’s just the lack of food in the fridge. Anyway…I opened the cupboard (I apologize for the attention deficit hallucination!)… I had a 2-pound bag of un-popped popcorn in there. I stress the word “had” due to the fact that I now “have” 2 pounds of un-popped popcorn on the floor in my kitchen compliments of Mr. Mouse! I stood there laughing as the endless waterfall of popcorn poured out everywhere. I think this is absolutely hilarious. My life went into slow motion as the ripped bag tipped and started pouring, first to the next shelf, then to the counter and as I slow-ly re-ach-ed to-ward the-bag and the bot-tom flipped- up –in-the -air, I just closed my eyes and listened to the bouncing PC hitting the floor like hail tapping against the windows and ground outside on a fall evening!…hee hee….I just waited for it to stop while I laughed uncontrollably and then left the room. What? You didn’t think that was the end of the story?…well! Though I’m certain that’s not the end of the story, I am most definitely writing this in the middle of it! What else was I going to do? It was a moment of pure inspirational magic.

A friend once asked me what I do when I get water in the basement. I looked at her with a confused expression on my face and replied, “I close the door and go upstairs!”…duh! It appears that though I am self-reflective by nature, I have an interesting balance of not allowing things that are out of my control to bother me. I suppose this could be the opposite of the type of woman who will sit in therapy digging through the wrong doings of the people in her childhood to figure out why she is the way she is now. I sort of think that though there is merit to cleaning out the closets, we are who we are whether we know why or not! I could choose to learn from my experiences by acknowledging them…like for example: I won’t open the cupboard when I’m not hungry again…or I could go out and clear the popcorn off the floor, the cupboards, the counter, under the refrigerator,…oops…out of my sports bra…BUT, I don’t have to dwell on them and allow them to take over my life. We are all right here in this moment for whatever reason. I will likely be slipping on popcorn for the next few months. Each time I slip, I’m going to giggle all over again! Cause that’s the kind of girl I am! You tell me – who’s happier? The girl who will likely never finish therapy, or the girl who can laugh at herself and simply have to remember to wear shoes in the house from now on!