Monday, December 28, 2009

Day 1!

Isn’t interesting how so many people try to start new things after the holidays! It’s the resolution phase. I was at the gym today and it was packed! I assumed that most of those people had new memberships and were starting a new routine…then I was sure of it when I saw two women walking out of the men’s locker room. I’ve always worked out so this isn’t necessarily an issue for me though I can relate to the feeling in the morning of knowing that things are going to change…and then the feeling in the evening of knowing you can start over again tomorrow!…I call it “DAY 1.” The day 1 concept is one great way of justifying all of your actions. We can push off nearly anything by using it. It’s extremely useful and utterly useless at the same time. I love the diet that we start on a Friday and then when we get home from work, decide that there might be a reason to eat (ie: a party, family coming over, a holiday, a good movie, we feel like it!). Usually this one is well justified and the original plan is easily pushed off to buy yourself a couple more days to be able to start fresh on Monday. The only trouble is that on Monday, the lunch on the girl’s plate next to you looks so good that Tuesday is a better day to start!

We all do this. It’s a great way to ease our minds to believe that we are doing the “right thing!” This method is used in all areas of our lives. I’ve heard it where divorce is concerned too. People say that they want to stay together for the kids….next thing you know, they are saying that they needed to separate for the kids because they need to see what a healthy relationship looks like. We really just rationalize our actions to make ourselves feel better about where we are at any given moment. Single people like to say that they prefer being single (thank God, cause if they didn’t, they’d be miserable), married people say they prefer being married (feeewwww…other than the guys who often tell me that their marriage has been over for a long time…”but don’t tell my wife that I said so!”), heavy people prefer to have curves (until they lose weight and say that they had struggled with weight their entire life and now feel healthy and energetic for the first time in their life!), ugly people are happy not to have all the common struggles of the beautiful people (and by struggles, they mean being popular with other beautiful people!)…Well! It’s a darn good thing that we are all so happy and well adjusted to our own personal situations, cause if not, everyone would be in therapy!…I’m glad I don’t need therapy cause I have this blog to keep me sane.

Sample Blog:

Monday: Day 1

Today is going to be a great day! I can tell that I’m ready to go on my diet and my food is completely under control. The gym is awaiting my arrival and I know that this is the start of something great!

Tuesday: Day 1

Today is going to be the best day ever. I didn’t make it to the gym last night cause I went to dinner at the Chinese buffet- alone…and had to stop off at the movie theatre for the “all you can eat Popcorn” special and eat it all in the parking lot so I could go back in for a refill before I went home. I know that today is going to be the start of my new diet. This is a great day!

Wednesday: Day 1!

What a day I have planned. I’m going to go to the gym for the first day. It seems like such a great start to my new resolution. I woke up feeling energetic and excited. I ate chocolate cake and watched a movie last night because my friend came over. We had such a nice time talking and eating that I didn’t make it to the gym. It is truly the start of something great! Today is the day…

Oh well…Maybe this isn’t what my blog tends to look like, but it does color life in a new shade. My friend always says “color me happy!”…Is that because she needs to be convinced that she is indeed happy and is expressing it, or that she needs to be colored that way to distract from what’s under the fresh coat of happiness painted on? I think that I am going to color myself “not on a diet” so I can stop breaking it! Day 1: No diet! Day 2: I didn’t do a diet yesterday. Day 3: Color me happy! Yesterday I ate when I was hungry instead of like a wild animal that hadn’t eaten in…well…2 1/2 hours! Day 4: Color me wearing my favorite skinny jeans!