Monday, December 21, 2009

The Morning Circus!

I was driving to work today as I noticed the theatrical event that was taking place around me. People definitely have their routines in the morning!…Of course mine is likely different than most people’s: light some candles, workout, listen to music, jump around…giggle, jump around…take a 2 minute shower, blow dry my hair, throw on a cute dress and jump in the car and drive off to work! Fun! Well- On this particular day, if I had ever questioned whether or not my life is a little more carefree than most, I was well awakened to that fact! One lady was turning around in her seat to slap her children in the back seat where one of the young children was crying and screaming. I thought, “hmm. Now that’s relaxing!”…A guy in the car at the light next to me had a cup of coffee in one hand and a cell phone in the other. I wondered if I would ever get to that point where I would run out of time in the morning to the point of having to eat or drink in my car. I’ve never been a fan of this. It’s not that I’m worried about getting my car dirty (though I would rather not…and come to think of it, I even have a second set of floor mats in case the ones in the car get dirty and I don’t have time to clean and armor all them). It’s more about the fact that I’ve never really learned to eat to for sustenance. I eat because I love food, and eating on the run seems like a horrible waste of calories. Oh well…that’s something I’m working on!…but on my behalf, food is really good!…Anyway…I kept blasting my techno as orchestration to the scene I was watching as it unfolded around me at 140bpm. I noticed the lady in my rear view mirror putting on mascara. Very interesting! I suddenly didn’t feel as though driving this early in the morning was very safe as I was quite certain that there is no law about using hands-free mascara… or hands-free backseat child beating for that matter!

The ride was only about 10 minutes for me and it was such a stress free event. The ponytail guy with the cigarette hanging out of his mouth…the cowboy hat guy wearing nothing but boxers walking out to get the paper from the porch…the woman in her bathrobe, shivering at the bus stop with 6 children… the child running… across the…oops…street…(feewww…My brakes work. That’s good to know.) I continued be an observer from inside the morning movie that was playing around me. I have to say that I’m pretty happy to have my life. It’s pretty organized and allows for a huge amount of fun to be had simply by observing others. Of course these other people clearly have a lot more going on than I do, but for now, I’m cool with that.