Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I Can't Stand Errands!

There is something so annoying about doing errands. I have friends who will spend the day running all over town doing little annoying things. I have never been someone who enjoyed this. I like to maximize my time and having to go out and stop here or there for things is an incredible waste of it in my eyes. I suppose that’s why they invented Wal-Mart…though I never go there either. (It’s not that I don’t want to go there, I just don’t want to go there!) …I will actually map out a route in my mind while I’m working out, that will take the least amount of time out of my day to do things I don’t enjoy. For instance: If I have a break during work, I would rather run out and get groceries during that time while I eat a powerbar or something instead of socializing. It’s not that I don’t want to socialize though. I would just rather not have something hanging over my head while I’m doing it. If I could work out a deal at work to not have any breaks at all, I would be done by 1 in the afternoon! This would allow me to run free! I guess that would still leave me the burden of having to get groceries but I could do it right then and get on to the good stuff soon after. Also…if amazon didn’t deliver toilet paper, I wouldn’t have any. A friend of mine told me that she used to spend the weekend “doing laundry.”…um…what exactly was she doing to it? Was she taking it for a walk around town? In my house, laundry goes in the machine before cardio, gets transferred to the dryer after cardio then folded after abs, weights and shower. Done! Obviously I have little routines that are likely completely adapted to doing what I want when I want! (and we wonder why I’m single?) I came into my house the other day to find my Rubik’s cube messed up. Of course I had to put the puzzle back in order and set it back where it belonged before I took my coat off!…and who the heck messed it up? I need to start locking my doors. I bet it was that crazy guy who stole my garbage can. Note to self: check basement for bodies.

I went to the post office today. It was unbelievable. The line wrapped around the place and out the door. Of course it is the holiday season so I suppose that it’s typical. Everyone was standing in silence. I thought, “Hmm…that’s weird. I wonder if this is like the elevator rule where you have to pretend that there is no one standing next to you?”…Well! Not today! I struck up a conversation with everyone. Everyone in the place was laughing and talking by the time I left (about an hour later). Maybe people don’t really know what the rules are when it comes to this stuff (or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t and it will be the new definition of “going postal”). I know that some people don’t like it when people talk to them on an airplane either. I try to be friendly but I definitely don’t want to talk away an entire flight. I have music that needs listening to. Again…I don’t know what the rules are. I was thinking about that actually. There are a whole list of places that you are supposed to ignore the person next to you: The gym, an elevator, an airplane, the post office, you aren’t supposed to make eye contact walking down the streets of NYC…modern day marriages…It’s actually too bad that people have become so set in their own lives that there isn’t room for being neighborly. I’m going to try making a difference today by smiling and saying hello to a random stranger on the street! That person might think I’m crazy (or shoot me for that matter), but I have a feeling that someone will find it refreshing and wish they had thought of it first (not shooting me…I’m sure that someone’s long thought of that…oh well)!

So what am I going to do about the age-old errand issue? Personally, I like to save time by driving an hour out of town to do them so I don’t feel as though I need to stop and talk to people along the way. You may think that sounds a little twisted but you’d be surprised how much time is saved when you don’t know anyone….of course if I’m going to start to strike up conversations with strangers, my plan goes out the window…but at least I’ll have a nice long car ride with great music and the peacefulness of my own frantic crazy thoughts! Ahhh! That’s living!