Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Turn the day into a happy one!

I love getting up in the dark and jumping around to loud music with a great beat! I know that some people don’t understand the high of physical fitness…BUT…everyone should try it sometime. It makes me feel like a little kid dangling my legs on a swing set on a summer evening! There is no trouble too large to be solved temporarily by a slamming workout!

I woke up early today with the weight of the world on my shoulders…yeah…I know…that’s not like me…but I had cut the side of my hand on the inside of a computer while I was re-building it and it looked as though my dream of a future as a hand model had been badly gashed. I mean…why the heck are the insides of computers made out of a series of what seem to be exacto knives?…I cut my hands on nearly a daily basis!…Now I know that many people who read this have long tuned me out unless they’ve torn a computer down to bare bones before, so I’ll help you….blah, blah…blah…blah…hand…ouch! Oh well! I lit some candles and turned on my ipod for my morning bounce! It was such an amazing feeling. The songs went from one to the next with each one getting a little faster and driving! I love that. I felt like I could giggle and jump around all day.

I suppose my point about this is, if there is one…is that a day can be easily ruined by fleeting thoughts about our lifelong dreams never being realized, but it is our choice to shift the energy to something that makes us happy in that moment or not! Mine is fitness and music. If I had decided to wallow in that moment, I would’ve chosen not to turn on the music and my entire day would’ve continued to suck! Weigh out the options: allow a bad day to turn worse? Or choose to turn it into a happy day by hand? - You decide!