Monday, August 31, 2009

Think outside of the “Box”

It seems that it’s an age-old problem. People are trying to get each other to hear their thoughts and appreciate them. Men and women are very different from each other, and yet, there’s some sort of human need to connect them. Personally, I’d like the opportunity to study up on the things that matter to someone before I meet him. I’m like that though! I don’t like going in blind and wondering if a guy prefers girls who eat a lot, don’t eat, wear make-up, like designer clothes, want kids, act dumb, have a brain…it’s that “getting to know someone” phase that is extremely annoying to me! There’s too much room for error! I like comfortable…uh oh…there’s the first problem: Men thrive on newness and mystery while I would rather know everything upfront. So how do we get a guy to listen to us? I was thinking of making a t-shirt with a pull-cord about at chest level that activates a sound byte of a girl giggling, “Oh my God! I’m so drunk.”…I think it would be a best seller…or at the very least, an excellent icebreaker when out in a bar. Of course, I’d have 100-year-old men and blue-collar guys who run book pulling on my shirt all night. Far be it that an engineer, or never married/no kids lawyer, have the nerve to even say “hello!” I ran into a guy once who told me that he wanted me to find him a “hot looking dumb girl.” He went on to say he “didn’t need anyone with a brain because he could always read a book after he was done with her.”…NICE!…I handed him a book I wrote called, “Why Men are Idiots… and the Women Behind Them who are Dumb Enough to Love Them”…amusing to both of us actually…but it doesn’t change the fact that I am left standing outside the box peering in as guy after guy finds hot looking girl after girl who he can easily get into the box with!