Sunday, August 30, 2009

Forcing the Connection

I was looking at computers on amazon today. (That’s what I do when I want some entertainment!) On the bottom of the page, there was a “suggestions” section. Amazon uses this to direct buyers to other things that they may be interested in. It said, “Customers who bought this netbook, also bought “The South Beach Diet” book. Um…really?…I could see a jump drive or possibly an external dvd burner…but the south beach diet?…I think we may be going a little too far in trying to find “connections!” What do I know though? I always sort of sucked at analogies. You know?…from the vocabulary workbook?

large: big: triumph:______

Calia: …um? Cheese?…
Teacher: No Calia, the answer was ‘success’.
Calia: Oh. Let me try another one!

Netbook: South beach Diet: Dating: _____

Calia: …Man?
Teacher: Nope! I’m sorry Cal; the answer was ‘cheese.’
Calia: (defeated) Oh.

I suppose I’ve always had this problem though. My interpretation of the world seems to be different than everyone else’s. In my college philosophy classes, all of my opinions were always wrong for some reason. How the heck could that be? I guess I sort of thought that people were taking themselves a little too seriously. Life really isn’t that deep! We are gradually becoming a world of people who are in so much therapy and in search of deep seeded self-reflective enlightenment, that we can’t even run into someone in the grocery store without searching for the meaning in it. I mean…what are the odds of needing eggs on the same day that your college sweetheart needed to pick up bologna and soda for his wife and 5 kids?…and you’re wearing sweatpants and a headband?? …hmm...pretty good actually... (This is why we should always get dressed as though we have somewhere to be!)

Family: Husband: Calia: Netbook