Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I wonder what they are talking about?

I was watching hundreds of people as I sang yesterday. There was a girl with a tattoo covering her entire back. I thought… “hmm…how does she match all of her outfits to that?…or will a burlap sack and a beer bottle just do on a daily basis?…” As I watched, I noticed that though there were many people there, everyone who came together, stood in a small circle with only each other. It was a huge party with little sub-cluster parties taking place within it. No one ventured into anyone else’s circle. I was making up conversations in my head so I could feel like I was part of each circle:

Sub-cluster 1:

Person 1: Hey! Did you check out that traffic on the way?
Person 2: Yeah.
Person 3: This beer is good.

Sub-cluster 2:

Person 1: Did you see that girl with that crazy tattoo on her back?
Person 2: Yeah! How does she match all of her outfits to that? (clearly I had just joined that circle!)

Sub-cluster 3:

Person 1: This is a lot of fun! We should do this more often!
Person 2: We actually do this all the time…minus the hundreds of strangers that we aren’t talking to anyway!
Person 1: Good point!

After a few hours, people started leaving one cluster at a time. I started to think that possibly I should get out more often…but the next time I do, I’m going to make it a point to join someone else’s circle randomly. It seems like people get so used to what “normal” is for them, they are completely unwilling to experience anything else. I can see it now!

Calia joins random circle of women at a party:

Woman 1: Some of the people in here are so drunk! I’d hate to have to be single again.
Calia: You’re not kidding about that! That guy over there just started telling me how nasty his wife is and that she doesn’t know it yet, but he has already started hiding money so he can leave her with nothing.
Woman 1: That's my husband.
Calia: hmm... (need a twix?…)…well then…have a great weekend!