Sunday, August 2, 2009

Do you think he’ll call?

I have been pondering if women hold on to things longer than men do or not. For example, if you have plans with someone and he is running a little late and hasn't called, how long do you wait until you’re sure he just isn’t coming?…does 10-12 years seem extensive?…I agree that this may seem like a long time to be standing by the door in an outfit with your hairdo slowly going out of style, but you have to admit that if he said he would call, it seems logical that he is going to! The other question is: Do guys plan their bad behavior or is it unintentional? I think that it’s possible that they can have a day when they just feel like doing something other than what was originally planned and blow you off for as long as they think it will take you to hopefully get amnesia so that you won’t bring it up or ask for an explanation! Come to think of it, this may be a pretty good plan on their part. We actually do tend to forgive and forget, but should we? When he eventually gets back to you, and for some reason he always does, he will just say something like… “I thought you wanted more and couldn’t handle it!”… Well! Isn’t that the dumbest thing I've ever heard?... Then I'm so confused that the conversation easily gets shifted to my shoes or something in the present and he has actually won that game with little or no consequence!...wait! Go back!...Crap!... This is yet another reason that I’m building an ark (in addition to the fact that birds seems to be getting bigger and I’m worried that they are going to eventually come and peck all of our eyes out!…but this is a story for another day!)…Anyway… Do you know how many times I’ve called someone back and simply told him that he was really nice but I just didn’t think it was going anywhere? It seems like the right thing to do. When someone doesn’t call, this is what goes through my head:

1) Was there something in my teeth?
2) Did I accidentally tuck my skirt into my underwear?
3) Do you think he loved me so much that he just couldn’t call me because he was scared?
4) Did he get kidnapped and had his organs harvested?
5) Is this a test and he wants me to make him cupcakes and cookies everyday because he wants to see if I care enough to chase him?

Now…when he actually does show back up years and years later with absolutely no explanation, do you just say, “Oh. Okay! No biggie…I just assumed that you were gay!”, and then befriend him again with no more questions asked! …yep…most likely…cause women are just that way!…That’s where they getcha!” We have taught them that we will always take the high road. It’s the age old story: Boy meets girl, Boy makes plans with girl, Girl gets dressed and ready, Boy doesn’t show up or call for 12 years, Girl moves on, Boy sees girl again, Boy has no explanation, Girl says, “Cool. Give me a call sometime!”...Oh boy... I guess that’s why we are all pretty screwed! All we can do is hope that the wrong guy doesn’t get out of his coma after apparently stepping in front of the bus driven by "the right one" 12 years ago and come for us first!