Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dumped for Punctuation

I was talking to a friend who has recently decided not to keep seeing a girl because she doesn’t use punctuation in text messages. I immediately thought, “Wow! That seems to be awfully close-minded.”…Then I remembered the guy I stopped talking to cause he had a sign on his car that said, “4-sale”. I have to say that now that I think about it, I’m completely with my friend on this. Not using punctuation is just lazy. I think I would let the person know that it bothered me before cutting him out though. If he didn’t take it into account and use it from then on, at least with me, I would consider him to not want to take an interest in me and then decide not to see him anymore.

People get choosey as they get a little older and settled. In a way, it’s a good thing, but on the other hand, have you ever noticed that a person who needs someone for survival, always has someone? It’s ironic that the people who have figured out how to live alone and be happy with their lives while they wait for someone to share it with, seem to stay alone for years and years dismissing each other over the wrong outfit, punctuation, a messy house, food in their teeth, a bad laugh, tattoos, etc… So what are we supposed to do about it? No one is ever going to be “perfect”. Are people settling for the person who “annoys them the least?”…geez…I hope not! They always say that once you truly love yourself, you are ready to love another person. Blah, blah, blah…okay! That made a lot of sense in the generation before us before they started handing out baggage to infants as they left the hospital! Those infants are grown-ups now and are settling for the person who can take care of them the best. I’m not sure that half of them have ever learned to love themselves. They have been taught to survive by stringing together bouts of external validation from random partnerships with the “rent with the option to buy” mentality. Don’t they know that when you rent, you have no return on your investment? I think that people should be a little more choosey and find something that really fits them instead of just living out of their suitcase in order to make a quick exit if they need to. There’s nothing wrong with trying on different outfits in the store, but there really is no need to take one home cause there isn’t one there that fits your body type! Go to the next store. Maybe there’s a great one there that enhances your assets and minimizes your flaws. If you’ve already used up all your cash on the one that didn’t fit, you won’t be in the position to buy it!