Thursday, August 6, 2009

Um…did your dresser explode?

I have to wonder how people function with things out of order. Is there something that happens in a person’s head that somehow makes clothes burst from their dresser drawers? I’m not a fan of disorder. It makes me nervous (that sounds like I could have a “disorder” of my own)! I can’t imagine how anyone could wake up and pull an outfit, inside out, off the floor and put it on? It’s no wonder that people are losing their minds. My friend would say, “It’s like heart jewelry. Some people like it, and some people don’t!”…uh…what?? Actually I have no idea what that means. She was comparing heart jewelry to camping when she said it. Hmm…uh…well…I suppose that since everyone sort of knows that camping sucks, she must not like heart jewelry…but I still can’t connect a necklace with a heart on it to s’mores and sleeping on the ground??… Although, there is something about chocolaty goodness melted against a hot marshmallow that sort of warms my heart…but then again, I could put a marshmallow on a spiedie skewer and melt it over a gas stove in my kitchen… if I disconnect the smoke detector for a few minutes…Just a minute…

I’m back…I had to make a s’more…anyway…I think that the point is that people like different things. Why would we bother to try to identify with people who don’t fit with us? I met a guy who by all standards was very nice…however; there have never been two people more wrong for each other. Our differences are laughable! So why did we even try to spend time with each other? Not being able to make something like that work shouldn’t be seen as a failure right? Should we at least try new things?…but what about the fact that he likes heart jewelry and I love to camp…wait…no! I like looking pretty and he likes camouflage. The funny thing is that he is really nice…but dancing around the subject of the fact that he’d be embarrassed to take me around his family because I’m a tiny bit too “country club” seems hilarious to me. To each his own though! Why torment each other? It’s like saying, “You’d be perfect for me if you were a completely different person!”…excellent…let me try that! I’m sure there’s no one left on this earth and we are meant to spend our lives making each other miserable! It’s so wrong…that it’s almost right! Strangely, there is something still a tiny bit appealing about him. But for God’s sake man: Put your clothes back in that dresser of yours! How hard can it be to match your flip flops to your camouflage shorts?