Monday, August 10, 2009

The Neckline Slimmer??

What exactly is going on with the human race these days? Have we really come to the point that a neck exerciser that comes with “it’s own beautiful carrying pouch” is sold on TV? Not to mention the fact that judging from the amount of television promotion, someone must be buying it to maintain the advertising budget. I’m not sure whose worse? The people who invented it, or the people who are buying it? I think we have become so hung up on outward beauty and youth that there is virtually no definition of beauty for the age we actually are. Why does everyone need to look younger? I can understand trying to look your best…but why does a 50 year old need to do neck exercises cause she doesn’t look 20 anymore? Of course she doesn’t look 20 – that’s not because she has done something horribly wrong! It’s because she is 50 and has lived a number of years and carries herself with the mature beauty that a woman of 50 should have. When I sing, there is typically some woman who is wearing an outfit that she picked out of her granddaughter’s closet…or better yet…the other night, there was a lady who obviously went to some boutique that had some vintage clothes and asked if they had “one of those butterfly backless shirts to show off my tattoos?” …It has got to be someone’s responsibility to quickly slip that shirt into a drawer somewhere and reply, “oh shoot…we just sold our last one ma’am! I’m so sorry!”

I’m going to purchase the neckline slimmer and start marketing my own funhouse mirrored glasses so as we age we can hand them out to all of our friends so we only see society’s definition of beauty standing in front of us! I will also set up a booth that will quickly race 20 year olds through all of their life experiences in order to have the knowledge and experiences that people at 50 have. That way we will all look and act exactly the same! I feel better about this melting pot that we live in already! Maybe one day we’ll all live in the same houses, have the same likes and dislikes, wear the same clothes, do the same job…uh oh…wait a minute…who’s gonna pick up the garbage and dig the ditches?…oh well…forget it! No ditches or garbage!…ah…I love America- the home of the Beautiful people!