Friday, August 7, 2009

A miner's hat?

Sometimes I think that we are so busy doing what we think we are supposed to be doing that we never stop to do what we want to do. In fact, I think that many of us don’t even know what that is because it has been long overshadowed by responsibilities. I usually do what I want to do in most instances though I do notice that I need to quickly complete everything that I think should be done first before I run off and do it! I called my mother tonight at around 9:30. She had just come in from weeding. I thought that was strange since it was pitch dark outside…(not to mention that when I say I’m weeding, it usually means that the neighbor is weeding and I’m out on a run. I’m not really into outdoor responsibilities. I sort of think that they suck. As a matter of fact, one day when I meet someone special, people will likely know it because they’ll notice that all of a sudden they can see my house over the pile of garbage in front cause someone has cut the grass and found out when garbage day is.) I asked my mother why she was weeding in the dark? She said that now that she has the hat with lights on it, she is able to get a few more hours in. um…wait…that lighted hat is for late-night weeding? I thought and thought about what I might use it for…camping?…uh…no…wait…nope…oh! I have one - Stirring up some cookie dough during a thunderstorm/power outage!…Yep. That’s really all I can think of that I would use a lighted hat for. There is a reason that the sun goes down. It’s so that people stop outdoor work and are forced to go inside and eat dinner. The government has even been known to change the clocks in order to adjust to when it’s light outside. Here’s an idea…and I’ll give full credit to my mother when I call Obama with it (perhaps he’ll sit out at his picnic table with her and discuss it one day…!)… I’m going to suggest that they use some of the stimulus money to issue every American Citizen a battery operated miner’s hat. It is a win win situation. The lithium, long life battery would cut down on energy usage, people could work longer hours and get more tasks done, there would be fewer back injuries due to not having to hold flashlights, health care costs would decrease cause the older generation wouldn’t have heat stroke from doing yard work in the heat of the summer sun, jobs would be created in landfills and recycling plants where the hat batteries could be melted down and made into titanium and then shaped into space crafts for high taxable tours to Mars for the wealthy…etc… the possibilities are endless. My mother has saved the world! Thanks Mom!

…and if that doesn’t work, maybe we could just take a little more time out of our day to do the things that we feel like doing! The weeds will be there tomorrow…what are they gonna do to you?…