Monday, February 1, 2010

What a pretty summer dress...

There was a girl at a wedding that I was singing at who was wearing the prettiest little white mini-sundress with no stockings and cute shoes. Yeah…but it was the middle of winter and 6 degrees outside. She did look cute but for some reason she hadn’t processed the level of inappropriate a white sundress in the middle of winter was. I sort of wonder why the guy with her hadn’t mentioned it when she got ready? I’ve never been with anyone who wouldn’t have said, “You’re wearing THAT?”…but then again, it would’ve come across as a little negative. Of course in this case, he would’ve been right. It’s really a toss up. Do we want people to be honest with us or is it better that they just let us look stupid? I’m not sure that guys really care for the most part though. Again…I reiterate…most guys I’ve spent time with have been a little hung-up on fashion and designers…that is likely why it didn’t work out…hmm…note to self: Figure out why gay men try to date women and why they are so darn hot! Nothing like setting myself up in a situation that it’s only chance of success is at failing! Good thinking as always Calia! Duh!

So what do guys really notice? There was a girl at a basketball game the other night that walked up the bleachers towards her boyfriend in a peek-a-boo mini dress. He said, “Wow. It looks like you dressed for the weather.” The funny thing is that she probably thought that he would be impressed at how hot she was. I think he may have thought that she was trying too hard. I am not really dissing her because I have been known to have this issue myself. Getting ready to go to a formal event is far easier for me than dressing for a sporting event. It will actually take me 3 hours to look like I just threw something on in this case. Jeans and a t-shirt with tousled hair is a full-day process. Gowns and heals are like my “sweat suit.” I think the point is that it seems that guys like to feel like someone took a little time to look nice for them but most that I have talked to in my lifetime, preferred little or no makeup and a natural look to “all done up!” Who wants a girl who looks like a completely different person in the morning? I suppose I don’t really know the answer but I try to do the best I can to dress appropriately for the occasion. So what if it takes a little longer to get dressed to go to the pumpkin farm? I’m sure the pumpkins appreciate my effort to look like it took no effort!…”oh…this old thing?…I just picked this up off the floor of my bedroom and threw it on!”…(which means that I probably went out and bought 15 outfits, tried them on all day the day before, washed them and ripped them up to look like they were old…and by the way…there is nothing on my bedroom floor!…Thank God!)