Friday, February 5, 2010

Somebody needs a sandwich!

Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE skinny! It feels so good to run around in my tiny clothes with all sorts of confidence and energy…BUT…what is up with these girls who apparently haven’t eaten since the 80’s? …and more importantly: How the heck do they do it? I come and go with my size from tiny to regular sized. Regular sized is the size I would be if I ate 3 meals a day and exercised. Tiny is the size I get when I don’t eat bread or sugar. Of course I LOVE bread and sugar. It’s really a toss up though. Who really needs it? Then again…sometimes I’m completely convinced that I need it. It’s as though my on/off switch is worn out. It will be set to “off”, and then at around 3pm, it slides to “on” and stays there till the next day.

I suppose I shouldn’t be so hard on myself though. My tiny little 12-year-old niece came over last night to look through my dress collection for a dress to wear to a dance on Saturday night. I thought it was ridiculous that she thought that I would have a dress that would fit a little girl. Well…she tried on a few of my dresses that I wear when I’m a little smaller than I am currently and they fit her perfectly. I had cut one of them from a floor-length gown into a short party dress that looked amazing on her. When I say “cut”, I mean jagged edge “cut”, someone needs to fix it “cut”, my sister called my mother and told her she needed her to hem the dress because she thought I had “cut it with a knife CUT”…Oh well…Sometimes I get a little anxious to see what a dress might look like if I change it and just cut it off- extremely unevenly! It’s kind of funny actually! It’s called “no fear!”…I’m lucky to have it. Things like that don’t worry me. If I ruin it, I’ll get a new one! I do have to say that I got lucky on the Versace dress I did that to once though. My mother helped me before I cut it into a doll costume! …On a side note though…I find it very interesting that my body would be the size of a 12-year-old girl’s at certain times! Possibly someone should tell me when I get there again (cause I will), that I need a sandwich…and I’ll run 10 miles down the street to get myself one!