Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Do People Who Listen to Screamo Eventually Poke their Own Eyes Out?

I couldn’t help but listen to a screamo song as I scanned through the channels on the radio the other day. It was like a train wreck that I couldn’t look away from. The screaming anger of the disturbed man who was muttering unintelligible rant over loud guitars, eased my racing mind to a soothing rage as I pressed my gas pedal to the floor to get to my destination faster- so I could get there in time to kill someone before anyone else did! This was definitely not relaxing to me. Where was the 808?…Where was the happy hardcore?…and more importantly, where was my knife?

It’s funny what people enjoy. People’s tastes in life differ greatly! The question was though, what formed those tastes?…Was it childhood experiences? If so, it explained why I liked bouncy fast music with a techno kick drum…that or broadway music of course. My parents were all about happiness and fairytales. If something was bad, we ignored it! Play some happy music! If something was serious, we made light of it. Put on a show! Being a kid was amazing.

So in comparison to my fairytale techno dream, where do the angry people come from? Is it really relaxing to them to listen to what sounds like noise to me?…I am a musician and understand that people’s musical tastes are often noise to others. In fact, I’m quite certain that my music would have the ability to spin a screamo lover into a rage. I probably shouldn’t listen to theirs and they probably shouldn’t listen to mine…but you have to admit that there’s something to it! All of that dark anger has to surface somehow. Hopefully music is the worst of it. It is clear however, that should probably all do our best not to cross over into someone else’s category to prevent the upset of the happy/angry human race!