Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Zen into the room

A friend of mine told me about a cd release party in a nearby town and suggested that I go. It sounded like a fun time, except I never have anyone to do anything like that with. I get released from people’s presence during “significant other” time. It’s best that single people just work all the time. There’s really nothing to do once all of your friends have grown up while you haven’t yet. Don’t get me wrong, I love to do things alone…like write, play music, workout…probably going to a bar wouldn’t be at the top of that list- especially since I don’t drink. It was an interesting thought though. I felt like I should do it. I suppose that’s what the writer of a book I was reading meant when he said, “Don’t just talk about what you should do or else you’ll end up shoulding all over yourself.”…in this case, I should either dismiss the idea or decide to go do it! My friend wrote back with his advice:

“Relax, take deep breaths, Zen into the room and don't feel compelled to speak, even when being hit on. Just be receptive to the universe and breath in.”

Uh…man?…have you met me?…We all know that I could use a little Zen…I’ve even thought about taking some yoga classes…but as it turns out, you aren’t supposed to do yoga to hard-style techno music. I’m a tiny bit too intense. I could try this idea of…what did you call it?…Relaxing?…"Zen"ing into the room?…But something will likely happen and I’ll end up in charge of some sort of evacuation or someone will choke and I’ll have to do the Heimlich…something random that will pull me to the center of focus once again. Even without saying a single word, I never blend in. I’m going to try it…maybe…um…probably not! Thanks for the idea though. One day, when all of my friend’s children are in college and their husbands have left them for someone younger; hopefully we’ll catch a new set of 20-year-olds making music in a bar as they release their CD! Never let anyone say that I let a once in a lifetime opportunity pass me by!