Sunday, September 13, 2009

Horizontal Stripes?

I was singing last night and couldn’t help but notice an entire table of people wearing shirts with horizontal stripes on them. Well…actually…I almost didn’t notice them due to the fact that the scenery behind them seemed to have a similar motif and the jingle, “Ask Sherwin Williams” rang in my head. I guess I’m not sure what I was meant to get out of this moment. I searched for the meaning…(I always try to capture the meaning in every moment in order to not waste a perfectly good thought.) …um…hmm…nope…no meaning…Was I that bored? What was the “Horizontal Table” meant to show me? (Then again, if it was a vertical table, you really couldn’t eat at it without the food falling off… Inventors are so smart! I wonder if they tried it the other way first? I can see the cavemen now: “Honey, grunt, grunt, Where’s my dinner? I want my dinner on the table now!”…Caveman’s wife: “Here you go dear”…she sets the bat soup in the bowl on the vertical table in front of him. Jumping up and down screaming from the hot soup in his lap, a thought comes to his head… “This table should be turned on its side!”…so the “table”, as we know it, was born!)…My head was spinning. Was I meant to invent something?…or maybe I should just be singing this song?…What the heck am I singing? I looked down at my lyric cheat sheets…didn’t recognize it…go blank, go blank, go blank! (usually that worked if I was singing a song that I’ve sung for years and years…they were on autopilot now!) I looked at my other singer’s lyric stand. “Untitled?”…did he really label every single song with the title, “Untitled”?…um…that doesn’t seem like the most efficient filing system to me! Okay man…but don’t expect me to find your lyrics for you if you’re ever lost!

Anyway…apparently I finished that song with no problem cause the next song had already started. Back to the meaning of the horizontal stripes…I knew that I probably didn’t have the body type to wear them myself…but then again, from the different shapes and sizes of the people at this table, possibly I was being too hard on myself. Oh! I know! That’s it!…I am meant to see that no one cares what people wear and I am likely the only one who stands in front of the mirror criticizing my outfit and body type at every different lighting ankle. Clearly many of these people didn’t even have a mirror. I guess I need to forget it myself. I have been enlightened again! Note to self: don’t wear horizontal stripes…oops…I mean…wear whatever you want…cause no one cares!