Monday, September 28, 2009


I have a small issue with some people’s inability to treat people around them well when they aren’t feeling well themselves. There have been times when I’ve been annoyed about something or someone but when someone else came around, I didn’t act like I was mad at him/her. As a matter of fact, I’m annoyingly smiley all the time. What is wrong with people who just have really bad attitudes? I was walking by a colleague today and my friend and I smiled and said a zippy “HELLO!” as we passed her. She didn’t even act as though she had heard us. What the heck is wrong with her? Of course I needed to say it again,…and again…and make a tiny point out of it with my friend…cause that’s sort of the way I am- I’ll try until someone actually tries to kill me. (I suppose it’s in my overachieving nature!) Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that annoying a person until they punch you in the face isn’t exactly the desired result, but it’s an impulse! I’ll say, ‘Hello!…Oops…I’m sorry, I guess you didn’t hear me…HELLO!…(giggle)…(smile)…still not?…(hee hee)…Hi!…(sing songy)…He-lllooo!…hmm…I guess you have your ipod on?…oops…I suppose you didn’t know that I was talking to you!…HI!”…(giggle)…

What?…too much ya think?…Well…put yourself in my shoes: nice person, smiling, happy, wishing someone well! How would you feel if you spent all that time taking a breath and saying a kind word only to have the woman refuse to acknowledge you? Yep! Now you have it! It’s like holding the door for someone and having her not look at you and say “thank you!” You sort of want to go back and slam the door in front of her don’t you?…Now on the other hand, I don’t always expect something in return for my kindness. I guess I’m really just trying to figure out why some people simply can’t extend warmth in any direction? This is just another reason that I’m building an ark! There will be NO PROZAC on my ark! If someone is going to make me feel like I’ve done something to her, I sure as heck better have run over her pet or something…at least on my ark, I will have done it two by two - and I’m going to be well aware of it!