Friday, September 18, 2009

Dreary Day…

I love the weather. All weather! I have this weird thing about extremes. I seem to have a passion for huge rainstorms …blizzards…extreme heat…etc… I drove down the street early this morning and there was something peaceful about the windshield washers clicking out of time with my techno as I passed women standing with their children at their bus stops wearing their bathrobes. It reminded me of something, but I couldn’t put my finger on what exactly. I sort of imagined standing there myself, delighting in knowing that as soon as the kids were off, I’d be able to sit down in peace for a few minutes or crawl back into bed and listen to the rain…um…wait a second…Where the heck would I get that memory from? Is my brain completely lost in fantasy?…I wonder if I had a previous life in which I did some of these things that I relate to with such nostalgia?? I pondered the thought. Maybe these memories were just a new version of my attention deficit hallucinations?…or do I have kids somewhere who are wondering where the heck I am? Now that would be cool! I would love for a child to come find me and tell me my life’s story and that I am her mother. (I don’t think that would be possible though…I would remember having a baby right?…I guess that would be a more credible scenario for a man!)

The rain got heavier and the clouds grew darker and darker…I loved this sort of energy in the air! I knew that someone was somewhere complaining about “the darn rain”, but not me. My hair never really looked good and I didn’t really care if it poured all day. People were running from place to place so they didn’t get wet. Now that I think about it, I did have one day when I was a little worried about that myself, but it was because I was wearing a designer dress that clearly said, “Dry clean only. Do not get wet.” I didn’t have another dress in the car and I wasn’t sure what the results of getting it wet would be? Was it like a mattress tag that just sort of mocks me with a threat but can’t really produce the mattress police upon cutting?…or would it dissolve completely? It was a valid concern. Maybe all these running people were wearing Versace today? Tricky of him really! That’s like me writing a song that when people listened to it when they were in a bad mood, it would simply dissolve into static! Come to think of it…possibly Versace would’ve had some ideas for the music industry’s struggle with limewire and file sharing?…darn…t0o bad he’s dead!

Long story longer…I have half a mind to dunk that dress in some water and check…better yet, maybe I should just borrow someone’s kids one morning and stand in a rainstorm in it at the bus stop. That’ll be really entertaining for the next girl who drives by in her Volvo having an attention deficit hallucination about the day that she stood at the bus stop in the rain in a $1200 dress.