Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whoa…What a Mess!

Let’s just say that I drove my sister and my one year old nephew home this weekend and there’s so much food in my back seat that I will likely need to sell the car. I know that it sounds a bit extreme…but we all know that I’m a single girl with no children…AND…I am a bit extreme!… The thing is that though I took care of a baby for one of my other sisters’ way back, I had forgotten how darn messy babies are. These little people are not exactly the easiest creatures to care for…though I have to say that I’d take that responsibility long before taking care of those darn fish that my mother asked me to feed a couple months ago. That pressure nearly killed me!

I’m not saying that I’m too regimented to be flexible when it comes to a few flying organic cheese puffs and cheerios beaten down into the groves of my neatly armor-alled leather interior of my car…wait a minute…am I?…hmm… (silence)

The next day…

I had to go think about that question for a while. I’m back now. The answer is that I am a little too regimented, but only because of the fact that I’m not in the baby stage yet and I’ve grown accustomed to a certain lifestyle…and that lifestyle doesn’t involve any organic cheese puffs pretty much as a rule. I guess what I was getting at was that children need to be grown with and not handed to you in the middle of the process. I’m certain that if I had a child, I would be fine with the flying food, or at the very least, cover the interior of my car with plastic wrap…though I’m pretty sure that somewhere on the label of plastic wrap there is a warning about not covering babies in it…not sure. At any rate, babies are not an easy job. I worry that as we get older, we get so good at being free and having the ability to just pick up and move about with ease, that we are shocked at the responsibility when it makes it to us. A 20 year old mother likely never gets the chance to know she has her own life and thinks nothing of adding a child in…of course, by the time they are 30 and screaming at their husbands that they want a divorce and then have to take their 10 year olds through the agony of their parents splitting up and then try to start dating all over again while they are in the middle of raising them has it’s drawbacks too…but hey…at least then, they don’t have to worry about giving birth in their 50’s!…potato/pototo!

I guess what I’m saying is that sometimes we become so set in our ways that we leave very little room for positive change. Do we just allow ourselves to stay where we are out of comfort? Or should we leave room for possibilities and learn to open our minds to the chance that our car may not always be clean and that people waiting behind us in the middle of the NYC street while we fight with the instructions on the car seat that apparently needs to be mounted to the frame of the car by a certified fireman, can wait?…I’ll try to leave room for it…but I should also assess whether I enjoy complaining about not having it more than I would enjoy having it!…Oh well…for now, I’m just gonna clean my car so I can drive it again and put all the rest out of my head. This stuff is too intense!