Sunday, January 3, 2010

What are we complaining about?

I have to wonder if sometimes it’s easier to complain about not meeting anyone than it is to accept any of the people we may meet along the way? Are they all bad? I watched a movie called “The Wedding Date”. In it, there was this really hot looking guy who was hired to go to a wedding with a single woman. He told her that “every woman has the exact love life that she wants”. At first I thought it was a ridiculous statement. I spent a lot of thinking about what he had told this girl. It was full of wisdom. Boy! I was impressed. Of course…it was a movie so I guess it wasn’t really his thought since it was likely not an ad-lib on his part. I am quite certain it was a written line in the script since it was the entire premise of the movie. It didn’t matter though. It was silly right?…Not necessarily. The point of it was that this girl had spent so much time being angry about how someone in her past had treated her that she never allowed herself to move ahead. She had spent year after year “not meeting anyone!”

I met a guy one time that kept saying over an over again to me, “It’s hard for me to meet anyone because of how much I’ve done with my life. There doesn’t seem to be anyone good enough for me.” I thought, “You’re an ass to say that to me.”…and then I said, “You’re an ass to say that to me!” He corrected his statement when he realized that I was a good person with the same level of education and qualities that he was complaining about not existing in a person. He said, “Yeah. But in my family’s country, I could meet a much younger girl whose only been touched by her mother and she would come here and take care of me without having her own thing.”…um…nope…not better!…A good try though. I said, “You should definitely do that then. Just make sure that when you bring her here, she doesn’t make any friends who will Americanize her because she’ll leave you within a year. You’re an ass for saying that to me.”…and then I left. (again…that is why I always drive myself. Someone always says something that I can’t resist commenting on and it almost always requires a dramatic exit!)

I guess the point I’m making though, is that sometimes complaining that no one exists leaves out major details about why we aren’t meeting that person. If we have dug a moat around our house, eventually someone will put up a sign on the perimeter that says, ‘Caution. Moat! There is no entry!’…If we have hung fly paper next to the front door and when a guy walks in, he gets stuck in it while we sit in the next room wondering why he never showed up, someone will post a warning on the door for the fed ex guy, ‘Caution. Fly Paper! Easily traps unsuspecting guys at door. You’ll be taken out to the garbage before you get a chance to have a conversation.’…I’m not saying that any one of us have met “the one” already. I just wonder if we should think about the possibility that we might be too busy complaining to "a one" about not being able to meet anyone to notice him…It is something to consider. Who knows?...But I am going to consider taking the nail strip off the end of my visitor driveway just in case the hot guy in the movie was right!