Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Writing all the time opens up a world of possibility to screw up. I often write quick responses to people in email while I’m talking to other people. This is a problem if I don’t take the time to proofread them!…um…this has been known to happen…a lot! Just the other day, I went back and read a response I had written AFTER I had sent it. I told the person to “way out their evils”…oops…That’s as ridiculous as writing “two bad for you!” or “their you go!”…I must’ve looked like a complete idiot! I wonder if she noticed? Come to think of it…I wonder if she even understood the meaning of the sentence at all?

It can be very embarrassing for me considering the number of times I haven’t been able to get over bad grammar in email from people to the point of blocking their addresses from my account! We have become such a fast-paced world (and don’t get me wrong on this, I love “fast!”), that we can get ourselves in a lot of trouble by firing off a quick text or email without thinking about what it might sound like. In my case, this one made me sound like an idiot. Too bad too! (or should I say, “To bad two?”) I was sort of attached to my reputation of not being academically challenged. Darn!…one quick and lasting impression to be “wayed” out on paper for the rest of my life. I can never run for office as a politician now, because eventually it will surface on the front page of some grocery store slander rag! “Roze is an Idiot! She can ‘sea’ Russia from her house!” …These are moments you just can’t take back!

So I guess that even though I like things to move along at a good pace, I'm gonna make a list of things that I should think about before I do:

  • Speak

  • Send an email

  • send a text

  • wish a Jewish person a Merry Christmas

  • say “watcha gonna do? Shoot me? To a person with a gun pointed at me…

It’ll just be best that way. It’s going to be my New Year’s Revelation!

Note to self: Don’t just rush ‘threw’….hee hee…