Wednesday, January 27, 2010

But I'm Trying not to think about that!…

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve sat around talking to someone about how badly they need to forget about someone or something, I’d be an extremely wealthy girl! They always say that when someone gets going on a negative topic, that we should work hard to change the subject. Yeah! But sometimes it just gets so juicy!

Here’s how it goes:

Person 1: My ex is making my life miserable.

Person 2: ooh! Yeah! My ex is making my life miserable too!

Person1: No. My ex took my kids, my house, my dog and I have nothing left in the world!

Person 2: Oh yeah! My ex took my kids, my house, my dog and ran over my laptop in the driveway when she left with my car!

Person 1: You think that’s bad? I have to pay my ex $2000 a month and I am living in a hotel.

Person 2: Hmm…we should dig a hole in the earth and jump into it! That’ll show them.

They keep talking and the scene forwards to 5 years later…they are sitting on the same bar stools complaining about their latest ex’s in the exact same scenario!…This time they realize that they have even failed at their original plan of jumping into a hole in the earth! Life sucks!…

It’s very interesting how much time people spend trying to “forget”!…The more I think of something I don’t want to think about, the more I think about it!…uh…duh!…Good plan!

We could all do ourselves a favor to end a conversation the second it takes a negative turn. Talking about something different will go a lot further when it comes to helping to forget. The more we talk it up, the more of it we will attract for our future!

Calia's response to the conversation above: You're freakin' not kidding people su...(thoughts shift to fix the negativity in the air)...s(uc) their teeth into such great chicken wings! How about those Mets!