Friday, July 19, 2013

Who? Me?

I was scrolling through my news-feed on Facebook to find a crazy angry post:

 "You've screwed me over for the last time! Don't think I'm ever going to fall for your shit again!" Me?...I went over and over it in my head. Boy! I sure had affected this poor person today. Had I made plans to get together with her and stood her up? I was quite sure that my #1 life rule of never committing to a specific social gathering unless I was the singer, sometimes took a bit of time for the people around me to catch on to. Usually I received approximately 4 or 5 invites to a jewelry party or wedding shower before a person realized that it might be better just to come right out and ask me for money or a gift! It is quite true that I would pay almost any amount of money NOT to sit around a living room eating cake with a group of women. Of course if you are having a bridal shower at the gym, count me in.

 What had I done to this girl though? I didn't remember using one of my noncommittal responses to an invitation that was specifically worded not to lock me in to "coffee" or "lunch" with her.

 "Yes. We should get together sometime"
 "oh! That would be fun. I'm very busy. I'll call you sometime."
 "I'm singing everyday from now until Christmas (next year) but we should get together after that."

 A person wouldn't really post a specific issue with only one person on a public forum for hundreds of people to read would they? That would be ridiculous! It must be me...because the world revolves around me (or at least that’s what my mother used to say...or did she say it DOESN'T revolve around me?...can’t remember) At any rate, apparently I do A LOT of things that offend people! I might need to find some new friends...