Monday, July 1, 2013

My Goodness! You sure look like crap!

I ran into a girl I have been acquainted with over the last few years. She is about 25 years old now and every time I see her, she complains about another thing in her life that sucks! Well…when I saw her today, she truly looked like she has been completely run into the ground. I’m not saying this to be critical. I’m noticing that this poor girl, who was young and beautiful, has somehow driven her emotional unrest to reflect in her outward appearance now too. It is truly amazing how happiness from within pours out through the way we carry ourselves in everyday life. I know that she could look beautiful again. Of course! She is young. The trouble is, when will she realize that she isn’t doing herself any good to dwell on the negative aspects of her life? Like attracts like and her negativity is bringing more and more of it on herself. I hope she can get it together in time to find true happiness before she wastes any more valuable time.

Sometimes I wake up a little sluggish, but when I do, I try my hardest to turn it around quickly. Don’t get me wrong…some days I never get out of my workout clothes! I suppose that I can waste time with the best of them. It’s all right though. I can afford one day of laziness…and by laziness I mean listening to music and working out all day. Let’s not get crazy here…I don’t think I’ve ever just sat down and thrown away a day on Jerry Springer, but I have been known to eat a little too much cheese in between my workouts! I suppose the moral of this story is that we really need to make an effort to be grateful for what we have and take full advantage of the time that has been given to us! Why waste our lives reflecting unrest and discontent? If everyone in the world walked around that way, we’d be a really ugly world!…We already have supersized beef patties to make us fat!… Can we really afford to supersize our trivial troubles too?


Robin said...

Totally agree with you on this! You've mentioned positive and negative energy a lot - have you read those books on bringing positive energy into your life? I think the Secret is one of them. Was just curious if they are any good.

marley said...

As I was reading I realized that I relate to this topic. I am very happy @ my job and no matter what I do I just can't find the link to make me feel better about it. Every day I look in the mirror and I can see it in my face. No matter how much make up i wear or what new clothes, new hair color or style I have my unhappiness shows. I have been really trying to be one of those people that does live life to the fullest every day. I use to live my life like that. Once I hit 30 it all changed. I still can remember why??? I do have faith that one day life will go back to normal, I will enjoy it to the fullest and be happy.

Calia said...

Marley! I hear you on this. The thing is that once you get into that rut, it definitely is hard to get out of it. I'm sure you are beautiful! You say that you used to live your life to the fullest and then something changed. Go back and pinpoint that exact minute and figure out what truly made you happy before that and why it is missing now! You can have faith that one day "life will go back to normal" but you also need the power from within yourself to recognize and feel gratitude for what you have in this exact moment too! I strongly suggest reading or listening to "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne and "The Key" by Joe Vitale. They both helped me tremendously when I was down and out and now I realize that we don't have enough time to afford to waste another day! Until you have a chance to pick up one of these books or recordings, before you fall asleep tonight, try your hardest to make a list of things that happened during the day that you are grateful for and how you felt in those moments! It's really easy to focus on the reasons for unhappiness and forget to notice the good things. The trouble is that the more we think about the bad, the more of it there seems to be! Good luck! I think you can make a positive change in the quality of your life!...and i'm sure you don't "look like crap!"

Have a very happy day!