Thursday, July 18, 2013

Half As Hot As We Think We Are

I've been really starting to wonder why dating is so hard.  The only thing I can think of is that there may be a disconnect between what people want, and what people are able to get.  I was thinking of starting a dating website called “” for ‘ugly’ people.   Is that mean?  I have to wonder if we all think we’re a bit more attractive than we really are. Maybe a good rule of thumb is to realize that we are all half as good looking as we think and go for someone in that category.  We might have a better shot.  I got to thinking that if I use that equation, I was very lucky to have met my beautiful husband.  No wonder I was single for 8 years!

I help a few of my guy friends out on dating websites by doing the initial correspondence with women for them.  Did you know that there are entire companies out there that do this for people?  It costs a fortune but they correspond with the ‘dating prospect’ until they are interested enough to meet.  Can you imagine doing that back before computers?  You get to the alter and you think you know each other from hours and hours of phone calls and conversations while you've really been talking to someone else who has just been saying what they think you want to hear? ...wait...come to think of it, in my experience that is sort of what dating was when I was out there. 

“Match” always seemed like a good idea for about 4 days every year (after those 4 days, I was completely freaked out and hiding from my computer in the corner of my room).  But I would never learn my lesson and each year around new years, I would write my profile and put up some pictures and then get hundreds of emails.  Twenty or so would be from age appropriate men while the others were usually in the 50-100 age range...with a dog.  (My profile blatantly said “please don’t contact me if you have a dog- I’m allergic.”  Obviously these people were only looking at my picture – HA!  Maybe I’m TWICE as attractive as I think I am!  Giggle...) I’m writing to women using guy’s pictures.  Why is this SO much harder?  There must be way more men on there than women. My friends are good looking guys.  I really don’t know what the problem is.  Some of my emails go unread completely while others get a response and then go completely silent in the middle of a conversation!  Wtf?  Is it really that much easier for women that they can just cut in and out at will?  The only thing I can think of is that my guy friends are very specific about not wanting to go out with women who are divorced or already have children because they are in their 30’s and want to start their own families so this seriously cuts down the dating pool.  BUT you can’t tell me that there aren’t women out there in that category looking for a ‘nice’ guy? (who sort of writes like a girl...kidding...I write very manly!)  Every time one of these girls stops talking after a couple of emails with no expressed reason, I am absolutely crushed!  How could she dump me without telling me why?  I mean...Who the heck does she think she is not to like me?  I bet she’s only half as hot as her pictures.  She should be on my new website “”