Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Finds You!

Sometimes we are searching so hard to find out what we should be doing, that we lose sight of the fact that what we are already doing may be what we were meant to be doing all along?…It’s really a big mess if you ask me. How are we supposed to know if we’re doing it right? I mean…life is a set of obstacles set in front of us and we are supposed to figure out ways to climb over them. Of course that sounds sort of glass half empty I guess, but it is an accurate assessment to some extent. I love my life. I really enjoy doing everything I do. The only struggle I have is that I enjoy the journey but sometimes focus so intently on the “goal” that I forget to take it slowly. I’m always racing towards the top of the mountain and then when I get there, I think, “hmm…What now?” …I have no idea. What I wanted to do was what I was already doing- thinking about what I wanted to do one day.

I was reading a book the other day that said, “do what you're doing now, but do it better!” It made perfect sense and as I started to notice the things around me, I recognized how much time is wasted striving for what we don’t have yet. One time I sat with a teenager who could only talk about how great it would be once he grew up and how little he cared about what happened now. The interesting thing was that he was never going to get to the point he wanted to be at until he finished what he needed to do in this moment. If he hadn’t turned his life around and gotten his act together, he would’ve simply gotten older with the same level of unpreparedness in future moments! I am happy to say that he learned that lesson. Now when I see him around, he is the best he can be at this moment! I know now that he’ll be ready to be his best in the future too.

The point is that once you do what you are doing at the highest level of your ability, the door will open to you. I’m going to try to take careful notice of how I live in each moment. I know that I will likely find myself racing through from time to time, but hopefully I will remember to slow it down and recognize the beauty of what is now.