Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi! I’m rich…

Have you ever noticed that sometimes we make judgments about people from what other people have to say about them? This is actually a very bad habit to get into. One time there was a guy who had expressed to someone that he was interested in dating me. The person told me but elaborated on her opinion of him. She said that he was nice but he was really all about how much money he had and that he was full of himself. When the time came that we met, he walked up to me and shook my hand and said, “Hi. I’m Rich.”…I rolled my eyes and walked away thinking, “Boy! She wasn’t kidding about him.”…I found out later that his name was “Rich.” … Let this be a lesson to me! He may have been very nice and I’m certain that he married the next girl he met (cause they always do!)

I’ve heard things about me that have been ridiculously untrue in the past too. A friend of mine came up to me one night while I was singing and told me that he had heard the guys behind him talking about how one of them had dated me in high school “and she was really hot back then too.”…um…no. Wrong girl!…I was practicing my flute in high school and didn’t date anyone…and was definitely NOT hot! It goes to show you that if you want a good rumor out there, you might as well start it yourself before anyone else gets the chance. I like the one about the time I got a horse for my birthday and rode it through the streets in a birthday parade screaming, “Bring out your dead!” and the whole crowd cheered as I jumped off and did back flips through the townspeople!…Some may say that I have a strong imagination though. I remember professors in college saying to me, “I understand that you like your song that way, but you need to learn the rules before you can break them!”…oh….are you sure?…cause for some reason, the rules have never applied to me. It may be the reason that I’m not living my life in the same order as society suggests people should- no matter how much I would like to be! If you’ve never followed the rules as they are “written”, how can you expect them to apply in only the areas of your life that you want them to? You can’t just wake up one day and say, “I want what everybody else has now.” All those people who haven’t felt the magic of not following the rules will say, “I heard that she colored her hair fluorescent pink and partied all night with rock stars in the 80’s.”…again…not true…but it does a really good job at blocking the average conservative businessman/politician who is looking for a pretty blonde girl to spend a campaign with…or possibly just dinner. Besides...I heard that the person who made that one up has 3 kids, an ex husband, and a huge butt!…oops…there I go…getting childish again!