Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Live How You Eat!

I recently heard this statement and the more I think about it, the more true I believe it to be. Have you ever noticed that food is the center of all gatherings? We could really tell a lot about people if we only observed them when they eat. My grandmother always “dishes up” a ridiculously small portion and talks about how she could “never eat as much as that!”…um…okay Nannie…Then I’ll take the rest of your portion when I’m finished with mine. Does that mean that she is frugal and I am gluttonous?…Wait a minute…I think it might. But what I was getting at was that she lives with the thought in mind that a huge storm may come up and wash us all away and we may need our extra rations of food to survive for an extra hundred years. On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that it’s not going to taste as good the next day and am fully prepared to make something else when it’s gone out of the ingredients provided to me from the surge of the storm! Okay…so how about the person who refuses to eat vegetables and lives on chocolate and junk food?…Will that person ever be health conscious or does it simply not matter whether or not there’s a well-balanced diet on the table? She would likely find it easier to wait until the last minute when she’s really hungry and just stop off for some fast-food French fries? I could never do that! I always have a plan! I will stay up all night picking out an outfit for the next day so I will have one that matches. Will the fast food person simply pick a couple things off the floor of her bedroom? - Probably…and not only that, it will most likely work for her and look just fine.

The point is that our personality dictates the way we eat. If we are compulsive, overachievers, we probably wake up thinking of what ingredients are in the house for dinner that night. If we are laid-back and relaxed, we will most likely wait until we get hungry and decide what to eat. So why is food the center of every single occasion then? We know that everyone likes pizza right?…well…not my mother. She’s not a fan of pizza or pasta….which is why I’m still searching for my real mother…I haven’t figured out what the problem there is. I do look exactly like all of my sisters and have seen baby pictures…but no pizza or pasta?…You have got to be kidding Mom! I wonder what that says about her?…Oh! I just figured it out! It’s not that she doesn’t like pizza or pasta. The issue is that everyone else does and she likes to stand out from the crowd by having needs that are a little bit different. Personally, I could eat sauce and cheese on anything. They could serve me sauce and cheese on a rat and I’d say, “Yum! Rat Parm! Are you going to eat yours?”…See that…there I go thinking about where the next serving of rat parm will come from before I’ve eaten two bites of my own delectable treat!

So what can we do to not allow people to know so much about us from our food choices?…and more importantly, why do I always hang out with people who won’t order their own dinners but insist on eating off my plate?…No matter…I’ll figure that out later! Possibly my original choice of staying in my own house without anyone there who will try to take my stuff before I get a chance to use it myself suggests the mindset of a girl who had many family members and sometimes just wants a little something that only belongs to her? Who knows?…But I couldn’t help but notice that my sister was wearing my pants this morning when I saw her…I thought they were in my closet?…hmm…I suppose I must be imagining things and this whole food concept is way off base…BUT…I know those pants were put together in an outfit for work next week in my closet next to the color coded subdivision for “work” and “going out” outfits…and she hasn’t been here when I have been…though I did notice a glass in my sink the other day that I didn’t remember leaving there…weird…