Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well! Thank God you thought to start beeping!

My friend and I were stuck in traffic yesterday. It was one of those summer construction issues where you are sitting at a complete stop for what seems like forever. Cars are breaking down around you, the heat is beating down on your car and you are sort of hoping there is something huge up in front when you finally get there so it will make it all worth it. Of course…you never get to see what caused it and somehow, out of the blue, traffic just clears and that’s that. We were sitting there laughing about random things cause I suppose we thought there was really nothing we could do about it!…all of a sudden someone started to beep his horn behind us….Oh My Gosh! I should’ve thought of that! Sometimes I forget that if you see in a motionless line of a thousand cars, beeping your horn will clear the traffic faster.

Actually…I think that is absolutely ridiculous. There was a time when I felt like getting frustrated with uncontrollable things in my life would do some good. It doesn’t! A friend told me the other day that I should be looking a little harder for a man to spend my life with. He said, “It’s like two people in a dark cave who are both shining flashlights to light their way and eventually they shine it on each other! You’re not even in the cave! It’s as though you are waiting to just fall into a pot of gold.” …I have to say I am impressed with his assessment. My problem with it is the fact that it often seems like the harder you look for something, the more obvious it is that it isn’t showing up. I think that standing in the cave…let’s call it…The Holland Tunnel…and beeping your horn at stopped traffic when eventually it’s going to move anyway, is simply a way to stress yourself out. I suppose that I don’t mind taking a lap through the cave once in a while, possibly beeping my horn in a pattern of “a shave and a hair cut, two bits” as I smile to let people know that I know that there’s really nothing I can do to fix the situation but I’m at least somewhere near the “game”… but to tell you the truth, I’m pretty sure that we’ll all get through that tunnel eventually…and judging from that “pot of gold” (or heavy meteor activity that apparently has been taking place on New York City streets) that I just dropped my car in once I got through the tunnel, the odds of me falling into the hole unstressed are about the same as the person who’s intentionally throwing themselves into it…only I’m going to look way younger as I pick up my bumper from the street!