Saturday, August 22, 2009

My communication highway!

People are always asking me if i'm on facebook and i always tell them that i'm not. Well...all of a sudden, I decided to make one to just use a little for fun and to get back in touch with some old friends. That's all well and good...but those of you who know how facebook works, know that this thing spreads like a virus! I had to actually call in sick today so i could answer all of my "notifications!" I just wonder if anyone has ever gotten into trouble on this thing? I know that personally I have had issues with know...reply all? Have you ever said something really horrible about someone and actually sent it right to them? I mean...everyone's done it! I think... okay...maybe it's just me who has accidentally emailed an ex boyfriend a card with a comment apologizing for his actions stating that he's a sick person and needs to get the help that only a psychiatrist can provide and that his medication is off...that read "dear (insert name of someone I like better than you cause you're a loser)" at the top?? it's only me then! ...then it didn't really happen....and it was a hypothetical situation...kinda ...not happened!

Other than that, I have a problem with being overly attentive to email and computer tasks. I sat in the staples parking lot for 2 1/2 hours the night i got my first blackberry trying to clear out my email to "empty." I was trying not to be rude to a new guy who was emailing me.
The conversation went like this:
him: "what are you doing"
me: "answering your email"
him: "oh. What about now?"
me:"um...still answering your emails."
him: "OK Cool. Are you almost home?"
~sound the dramatic pause and frustrated anger audio~ Girl nearly explodes!
me: "No!! My freakin' God! No!...I'm answering your email in the parking lot."
him: "oh...Are we okay?"
~eye blink... pause...looking for a knife to stab myself~
me: "well...we were okay...and now we are not!"
him: "is there something wrong?". answer...I threw the blackberry out the window and drove home peacefully.

I honestly don't know what happened to him...