Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life’s a really long video game…

I can’t believe how we are taking our lives into our hands each day when we hit the road. The girl behind me at a light today was smoking a cigarette and talking on her cell phone. Don’t get me wrong…I do talk on the phone when I drive but I don’t even hold the phone when I’m at home! I can’t imagine holding one while I’m driving. I feel like I’m playing that old video game, ‘Frogger’, and I’m just trying to get from point A to point B without getting squashed into an X! As a matter of fact, I feel that way all the time. This is truer than I’d like it to be when it comes to dating too! You almost need to run in front of traffic and cross your fingers that someone won’t speed up while you’re right in front of him and flatten you out without looking back. The dating highway is full of people talking on their phones to other people they may find interesting in case you’re not the “one”, looking in their rear view mirrors to focus on what has long been left behind, and traveling too quickly on slippery pavement with bald tires because buying something new would cost too much upfront so it’s just easiest to drive the old ones into the ground until the tread falls off completely! I happen to think that regular maintenance could save us an awful lot of time that may be wasted by being broken down along the road while we’re waiting for someone to come save us. Possibly we should put down our phones and stop looking behind us so we can give what stands in front of us our full attention. Besides…if you keep running across the street in hopes that things are better on the other side, eventually you will tempt the odds to the point of getting hit by a truck or two anyway. I’m sure there’s someone who will be happy to try to kill you on your side of the street!