Friday, August 14, 2009

Facebook stalking…

I have to wonder if the age of twittering our every move and facebooking our feelings is counterproductive to the elusive requirement of dating? It seems that deductions can be made from a simple sentence without knowing the background of the person writing it. For example, I knew a guy…we’ll call him… let’s see…ah! Yes! “guy whose no longer my friend”… I was trying to get to know him a little to see if we may have a little something in common. (Let’s not be crazy here, I knew we had nothing in common but the constant drone of all of humanity telling me that I’m too picky, beat in my ears to the point of drowning out all common sense!…oh well…) Week after week, we would miscommunicate simple plans. I’d think he had said he would call and what he had really said was, “I’ll call you (and then under his breathe he was apparently uttering a silent giggle with a “NOT” at the end!”) I know! My mistake. He would call another day instead…after I had deleted him from facebook and my phone. This happened nearly every Tuesday for 5 weeks for some reason. I suppose what I’m getting at here is that if he had wanted to spend time with me, he probably would’ve called. I think the kicker though, is the ability to open up a near stranger’s facebook and read, “I don’t have anyone to go out with tomorrow, any takers?”…um…hello?…wasn’t that an evening that if you were interested like you had said, that you might think, “Hey! I know…that girl that I’ve been saying I want to date might want to go out in public with me?”…again…my fault and I’m likely overreacting! I’m not really upset but I’m extremely confused. Is the tiniest bit of attention from someone whom you aren’t interested in to begin with, worth the energy of apologizing weekly? I have to say that we are all guilty of this at some point in our life. If it isn’t right, it isn’t right! We can’t force relationships, either casual or serious, on the people around us. I suppose I feel like it’s the social equivalent to Macaroni and Cheese. If it’s the middle of the night and you are bored and hungry and don’t feel like going to the store, you can search through your cupboards and likely find a box of Kraft macaroni and cheese left over from 10 years ago that the mice haven’t chewed through. At what point do you say, “hmm…this really won’t be worth the calories… or the time it takes me to find a package of powered milk in a bag in the cellar that I would need to make it. I should just go to bed and wait till someone’s grandmother makes me a baked macaroni and cheese one day!”

I may have hurt this guy’s feelings a little when I said, “Lose my number” in a facebook email and then deleted him so I couldn’t read the other girl’s comments to his attempt to “dig someone up” to spend time with. I do feel a little bad about that…but though I don’t like things left unsettled and wish he would’ve simply told me that he wasn’t interested to begin with, it is likely best for me not to entertain that sort of “space shuttle food packet sustenance!”…I have some liquid eggwhites and a powerbar that will get me through for now.