Saturday, August 15, 2009

Do I need to pay more attention?

Sometimes I get bored when my brain isn’t being encouraged into thought. I love to learn. That being said, when someone makes me sit and listen to random thoughts strung together into paragraphs when it is blatantly obvious that a required amount of time is being filled just to fill it, I get extremely distracted. I sat in a grad class week after week one semester and though I couldn’t wait to get there, when I did, my mind quickly turned to mush. The professor was a good-looking, young, PhD. I suppose he would’ve been considered my “type”- brainy with a nice face, but a tiny bit socially odd. I did notice that he was a little too tall for his pants at times though. I got there early one evening after Thanksgiving and since I was the only one there with him, I asked him how his Thanksgiving was. I suppose I didn’t really care how it was but aren’t we supposed to ask people random things as small talk? I.e.: How are the kids? How was your weekend? What do you have planned for vacation? Do I look fat in these pants? Etc…all things that no one really cares about or listens to the answer to…right?…well…maybe it’s just me. Oh well…His answer was, “I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. I think it’s more like Thanks-Taking cause what did they do? They came in and took the land.”…oh…(eye blink…Um…Okay… )Another person entered the room and I quickly told her under my breath, “ixnay on the anksgivingthay!”…There was something strange about this class. Did he really have that much passion for the social structure in latino culture?…and why did he keep tripping over me?…and spitting food on me?…there was definitely something about a blonde girl in this class that made him act extremely strange(or he just was- not sure!). One day he started talking to 2 of the 18 of us for about a half hour – IN SPANISH. The conversation would drift in and out of English in random accents. I peered out the window. I saw myself giggling as I sat on a large branch of the tree outside. Then I watched as I twirled and ran free outside the window, frolicking like a child as the sun went down behind the rolling hills that I could barely see far across the campus…No…I wasn’t on drugs. I like to call these ADH!- Attention Deficit Hallucinations! In order to keep myself from getting completely bored, I like to send half of myself somewhere else to have some fun!… “Calia? Do you have anything to add here?”…The playing girl outside the window burst into laughter and pointed towards me as if to let me know to focus my attention towards the professor. I turned my head toward him slowly and said politely, “I’m sorry. I stopped listening an hour ago.” He seemed to take it very well. I made him nervous for some reason and ended up getting an ‘A’ in the class…and come to think of it, I have no idea what that class was about.