Friday, September 18, 2009

Your medication is really working!

Oops…it used to be that I could make a joke about medication and people would laugh with me. Well!…not anymore. This morning I was walking by a colleague as a huge pile of paper she was working with blew off the table and fell to the floor. I stifled a giggle as hundreds of pages moved, in slow motion, like snowflakes dancing in a snowstorm. She looked down and laughed as she said, “See? I just let it go. I don’t even worry about it!” I replied, “Wow! Your new medication is really working!”…DEAD SILENCE. Oh boy…It think that we may be overmedicating ourselves anymore! You take caffeine to wake up, Prozac so things that should bother you don’t, sleeping pills to sleep, Ritalin to stay focused…and the list goes on and on! We need to detox all the drugs and start fresh. I bet our bodies would have their own coping mechanisms if we stopped polluting them with products that shut down their function!

I just heard that Ambien is causing weight gain because people are sleep walking to the kitchen, eating and then going back to bed. They apparently wake up with chicken bones and potato chip bags in their beds with them in the morning. That is positively ridiculous! I never leave my chicken bones and potato chip bags in my bed! I always make sure to wash the dishes and take out the garbage in case someone finds my body in the morning. I would hate the reports to read, “Girl found in apparent cheese coma- Dishes piled up in sink licked clean from lasagna, pizza, macaroni and cheese, cheese sticks, and stuffed tater skins. The garbage can had empty pizza boxes and a cheese cake box with one small piece of the crust left over inside.” Note to self: no Ambien for me!