Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Somebody has a bad attitude!

Just when I think that people can’t get crazier, someone always comes along to throw his hand up in the air and yell, “Oh! Oh! I’m crazy! Pick me!”…I’m starting to think that facebook is a tiny bit dangerous sometimes. I know…keep your site private and don’t talk to strangers!…Okay Mom! But I hate to be rude. As it turns out, rude apparently is better. A stranger saw my picture on his friend’s site and emailed me to ask to be my friend. What harm could it do right? He was a friend of a friend. He proceeded to tell me that I looked like what he imagined the girl he would date would look like. That was nice. I appreciated the fact that he thought I was pretty. I saw in his Facebook profile that he had children and a dog. Now…I have to admit that I have very specific criteria in this area but I can’t afford to bend on them. I breathe like Felix Unger from the odd couple when I get near dogs. Let me tell you that there is nothing hotter than a blonde girl with puffy eyes and snot running down her face as she holds herself up on a table while she waits for the ambulance to arrive…I replied, “Thank you for your interest but your profile says that you have children and a dog and I’m allergic to dogs and I want my own children one day. I’m sure you’re very nice, but I’m not interested. ”…enough right? Kind, honest, to the point, not mean, simple, gone, right?…WRONG! He responded telling me that he used to be as “selfish” as I am and I was going to miss out on something great because his wife had a daughter from a previous marriage before him and he loves her dearly. That’s nice! But his wife cheated on him and left him and took his kids with her too?…Not a good argument to make his point with me, but sometimes stringing together random words for lack of a better idea, is better than saying nothing. The thing was that he didn’t get where I was coming from. I wasn’t being selfish. I was putting his children first. I want to have my own children and I don’t want to do that with someone whose own children are only allowed to see him on Wednesdays and every other weekend! If I was one of those children, I’d be very hurt if all of a sudden my Daddy was raising someone else’s baby while I was shuffled off to another bedroom in my mother’s house and living out of a suitcase. It hurts me to think of those kids. I just can’t do that to them!…okay…so possibly it was too much of an explanation, but I felt that he had tried and deserved the real reason for me not getting involved. Done, right?…WRONG AGAIN! He wrote a nice email saying that we were very similar and he understood where I was and hoped we remain friends. A couple days later, I received this email:

"Stinks ,you deleted me.I was nice to you even when you were egotistical ,and arrogant.You are pretty ,but just regular ,obviously you have huge chip on your shoulder .You are not as great as you think you are Your band should be embarrassed to be affilliated with such an ass I hope my kids never meet you ,your values ,are off the wall.I have known better people ,that were retarded.They would be more pleasant to be around than you.Get off your "High Horse" ,you sing in a gay band ,and on a scale from 1- 10 .5 at best.."

Um…dude?…(I don’t think I had even deleted him. I had deleted another guy who was sort of “God Stalking” me after weighing the prayer connection against the possibility of him coming across the country and killing me (judging from some of his correspondence). I didn’t delete this guy though.) Do you think that he still wants to be with me? Boy! He’s classy, extremely kind, and intelligent (punctuation man!)…He couldn’t even come up with anything good to attack me with? He had to stoop to the old “retarded person”?…um…My brother has Down’s Syndrome…and he’s right! That kid is quite pleasant to be around. Unfortunately for “Crazy angry guy with chip on shoulder”, my brother, also, would not like to spend any time with him! Thanks for trying so hard though! That was a really nice email!