Thursday, September 17, 2009

You look like you’re hung over?

I have a feeling that we’ve gone to far when it comes to acting too familiar with the people around us in order to make small talk. I walked into work today and wasn’t feeling very well. I have had a cold and it was rainy and dark outside. Don’t get me wrong…I usually LOVE “rainy and dark”…as a matter of fact, I did have a great candlelight workout this morning. I was feeling pretty energetic and happy after it! But then the first thing out of a colleague’s mouth was, “Wow! You look like you’re hung over.”…um…geez…thank you! Just when I was feeling a little overtired and worn out, you are here to make me feel better- by telling me that I look “hung over?” What do people expect to gain from this? I suppose he thought I would say something like, “Thank you! I appreciate that you noticed! I put vodka on my bowl of popcorn last night thinking it would make a great topping.”…or maybe, “Gee! You are always so supportive of me. We should definitely spend more time with each other…these 8 hours during the day just isn’t enough for me to hear about how bad I look!”, or …the one I actually said, “Look. You have red hair and your girlfriend’s family doesn’t like you and eventually she’s gonna rip your heart out! Good luck with that!”…oops…there I go again. Why can’t I stop that mouth thing of mine? It’s as though my brain is missing the “stop talking” flap and the response comes out as if someone else is saying it. I’m lucky that it only happens after people insult me…but, I suppose I could take the high road and allow someone the upper hand in the insult department once in awhile. Maybe I could try to count to 5 slowly after people talk in order to process what may be misconstrued as an inappropriate response?…probably not though. It would likely just give me time to work up something even more creative. Idle time in my head is the devil’s playground!

Oh well…its still dark and rainy outside but I’m feeling a little bit better. I wonder if I still look bad? Hmm…I hope not. My “friend” might come back later to remind me that I just tucked my skirt into my underwear….come to think of it…I just may do that on purpose. If people are going to take cheap shots, I’d rather hand them the data!